What are White-Hat and Black-Hat SEO Techniques?

What are White hat SEO and black hat SEO techniques -which strategy are best to rank on top of the search engine result. In this blog, I will guide you.  

Search engine optimization is the essential tool, and it is the most critical tool to create brand awareness and relationships with the users. There are multiple elements in SEO, and knowing the key features, how to implement them, and how SEO work is the best way to understand why SEO is essential.

The proper way of doing SEO by using Google terms and conditions helps get better rankings for the website.

White HAT SEO is the best technique to do proper SEO that helps to get better rankings.

White hat SEO and black hat SEO techniques

What is White hat SEO?

White hat SEO is a technique of proper SEO without violating the Google terms and conditions.

The white hat SEO technique includes mainly providing optimized and quality content to solve the user’s query without using any duplicate content.

Properly doing search engine optimization by using the white hat SEO technique is the best practice to get on the top page of the search engines.

White hat SEO needs long-term commitment; we cannot expect instant results by using white hat SEO; some of the white hat SEO strategies include Link building, proper keyword research, and content that satisfies the user query. The content needs to be fresh and unique for the user’s question without coping from other websites.

What are White-Hat and Black-Hat SEO Techniques

Why is white hat SEO important?

White hat SEO is vital because Google algorithms rank the website or page by considering the excellent content for user queries and calculating the user experience. It makes your website more visible for users to search keywords, which helps get more traffic, and thus it helps to convert prospects into customers.

Benefits of White hat SEO

1. White hat SEO helps to improve the rankings in SERP of Search engines.

2. White hat SEO helps build a healthy relationship with online users.

3. White hat SEO techniques help stay safe from any penalties and are prohibited.

4. Implementing white hat SEO techniques helps to save money and time.

5. White hat SEO helps get better results without any risk to the business. 

6. White hat SEO can be shared easily with anyone.

What is Black hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is quite the opposite of the white hat SEO technique, which involves practices of violating search engines’ guidelines to get a rank higher in search engines.

The practices used in black hat SEO may help get quick, Unpredictable, and short-lasting growth in results for a shorter time. Using black hat SEO techniques, we end up with a penalty from search engines, and thus website ranks badly affected by search engines.

The black hat technique includes Keyword stuffing, Changing the font color to the background color, and Clocking and doorway pages.

Implementing black hat techniques to get success affects the rankings, the website gets penalized , and search engines add your site to the blocklist.

Techniques of Black hat SEO

1. keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a technique of inserting more keywords in a web page content to get high rankings, and this practice is often used to drive traffic to websites.

They are using more and more keywords in the content results in a bad experience for the users because users expect good content or solution for the query.

If users feel ad, then Google thinks this website fails to provide good content for users and starts penalizing the website, and the website rankings automatically go down. 

2. Cloaking

The cloaking technique involves showing one content for users and different content for Google. If the change search engines, ie..showing irrelevant answers for the users when users click on the link.

This technique is used to rank the content for various terms irrelevant to their content. Spam websites use this technique to prevent search engine robots from crawling the irrelevant content they serve to users.

This technique also results in a horrible user experience, and thus search engines start penalizing the website.

3. Changing the font color to background-color

This technique involves using the text color as the background color, and Google found that they hide something by changing the text color as the background color.

Hidden text on your page to increase Google search rankings is the violence of web admins’ guidelines.

Text can be hidden in many ways, includes

  • Changing the font size to zero.
  • Using the text color same as the background color.
  • Hiding text behind an idea.
  • Using CSS to position text off-screen.

4. Doorway pages

If a user redirects to the same page after clicking the different results in the SERP, this technique is called doorway pages.

  • This technique includes similar content on multiple pages.
  • Having more domains targeting specific regions that redirect users to the same pages. 

This technique also results in ad user experience, and thus search engines start penalizing the web pages.

5. Article spinning

Article spinning is a technique that involves using a computer program to rewrite content for a blog post or web page.

If the site regularly uses and publishes the spinning articles, your website will be punished by the search engines.

6. Paid links

Search engines like Google purely ban paid links; This technique involves getting paid links from the buyer. This includes sending free products in exchange for links.

It would be best if you avoided paid links to your content. If you get paid links, there is a chance to penalize both buyer and seller of the links once the practice is detected.

What are White-Hat and Black-Hat SEO Techniques


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