How to Use Google Ads for Small Business in 2022

 Are you planning to promote your  business online? One of the best ways to advertise is using Google Ads for small businesses. If you are a beginner to this Google ads platform, In this article, I will guide you completely about what is Google ads and, how it works, and why Google ads are the best platform to promote your small business.

 Studies show that an estimated more than 40,000 searches for every second, this means Google processes more than 3.8 billion searches every day and 1.2 trillion searches every year.

Recent research suggests that 68 % of users’ activities begin by searching search engines. The growth rate of global internet users is 8.5% every year. This study shows the importance of every business’s online presence and optimizing the website for the user’s search query by using Search engine optimization and Google ads.

What is Google Ads?

Google ads are also called Google Ad Words, developed by Google. Advertisers bid to display the advertisements or other services they offer to the users in the search engine like Google. 

The main advantage of using Google ads is targeting the right audience on certain keywords that users search for their Query in the search engine result page.

Google ads act like a medium where we can show the advertisements in different Google properties and Google partners.

Google properties include search engines, android apps, and Youtube.

Google partners include websites that Google has successfully approved to run advertisements on their site.

How can Google ads help my small business?

The best way to advertise using Google ads, which helps get instant results for small businesses, is by Search Network.

For example, suppose you have a home interior designers business in the Bangalore area; when users search for Interior designers in Bangalore. In that case, It isn’t easy to be on top of the search engines by using the Search Engine Optimisation technique, as SEO is a slow process. It takes some time to be on top of the SERP page.

Google ads for small business

This is why Google ads come into existence, and it helps to get instant results by running campaigns which helps to improve the results by displaying the results at the top of the SERP by paying to Google.

You can advertise the service you offer by choosing the right audience, and you have complete control over to display the result.

How do Google Ads work?

It works on an auction system; When the user clicks on the, we will pay the money for Google, called cost per click or Pay per click. 

Whenever someone searches for a keyword, Google will show the advertisement on the search engine result page. More the bidding, the higher the position on the search engine result page.

We are paying to Google only if users click on the ad, called Pay per click (PPC).

Structure of SERP

The main components of the SERP include Organic results or SEO results, Query, and advertisements.

Usually, SERP consists of 10 results on each page, including four ads on top, three ads on the bottom, and three organic results in the middle.

 90 % of the SERP results are filled with ads on top. However, the structure of the SERP is not the same or constant for every keyword. Sometimes it will not show any ads for a keyword, or the system varies according to the keyword searches by the users in the search engines. 

Google ads vs. SEO

  • SEO is completely free, while Google ads are paid.
  • Google ads appear at the top or bottom of the first page of SERP, but with SEO, we need to work hard to be at the top or in the first position in the SERP.
  • SEO results will only appear in search engines like Google, while Google Ads appear in search engines, Youtube , play tore, and other Google partnered websites.
  • ROI is more in Google ads when compared to SEO, and also in Google ads, we can calculate ROI easily compared to SEO as there are a lot more factors we need to consider in SEO.
  • For SEO, high-quality backlinks and content must be on top of SERP. At the same time, in Google ads, we can create campaigns easily and start running ads to get traffic by targeting users according to their demographics and geography.
  • In Google ads, if we run ads only, we get some traffic, but in SEO,  Once we get the top position by doing SEO, this will generate traffic for a longer term.

Google ads networks

The main networks of Google ads include

  • Search ads
  • Display ads
  • Video or Youtube ads
  • Mobile app ads
  • Shopping ads

I will explain all the above networks in a simple way in which platform ads appear, the Bidding strategy, and the format of an ad.

1. Search ads

 Search ads appear in SERP , which allows you to place ads across Google’s vast network of search results in SERP.

Bidding strategy is the cost per click (CPC) which means we will pay money to Google whenever users click on the results.

* Ads appear in text format.

2. Display ads

* Display ads are a process of advertising products or any services through visuals like creating videos and images. Ads are displayed in banners, Images, and text on third-party websites, Youtube , and Mobile apps.

* Bidding strategy is Cost Per Mile (CPM) which means we will pay for every 1000 impression.

* Ad appears in Image or banner.

3. Video/ Youtube ads

Video ads are a process of advertising by using a short and informative video related  to products and services we offer and occur before, during, or after the main video.

* Video Ads appear on Youtube.

* Bidding strategy is the cost per view. (For every view, we need to pay for Google).

* Ad appears in Video format.

4. Mobile app ads

To get more and more mobile app installs for the apps, we can use mobile app ads.

* It appears in SERP, Playstore, apps, Youtube, and websites.

* Bidding strategy is Cost Per Installations (CPI) which means we will pay for every Installs.

* Ad appears in Image, text, and video format.

5. Shopping Ads

E-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart use shopping ads.

Google Shopping ads are the listings that appear above search results when a user searches for a product in search engines like Google.

*Shopping ads appear in SERP.

* Bidding strategy is Cost Per Click (CPC) which means we will pay for each click.

* Ad appears in Image and text format.

After reading this complete article, I think you will better understand Google ads and why Google ads are important for a small business. Please leave a comment about the blog in the below comment section so that it is beneficial to make changes in the upcoming blogs.

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